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Upper Body Only (Not What You Think)

The not what you think means that I am not some stupid frat boy who wants to be doing curls in the squat rack. Just keep reading and you will see.

Here is my timeline (i just typed the whole story, but i accidently deleted it all :frowning: )
I am currently 18 years old…

13 years ago up until 5 years ago
Played soccer almost year round which resulted in very muscular legs.

3 Years Ago
Started working out consistantly and seriously

2 Years Ago
Mom breaks back
Stop Working Out

1 Year Ago
Mom is relatively fine
Struggle to get lifting again

1 Week Ago
Start lifting (Started WS4SB)

Mess ankle up while doing sprints

As of right now I am slightly out of shape and my upper body is extremely weak compared to my lower body. I figured that while my ankle was hurt I could take some measures to get my chest, back, arms, etc. up to par. Basically what I want is a routine that I can do ~3-4 times per week that doesnt involve legs and will help me get my weak arms/chest/back stronger.

If you’re injured of course just do the lifts you are capable of performing.

But as soon as that ankle is healed start some deads and squats.

Get well soon (both you and your mum)!

How much of a beginner are you? I’d say stick to a 2 day split of either push/pull, or front/back.

e.g. Day 1. dips, bent rows, v.wide chins, military press, reverse back extention
Day 2. close chins, bench, abs, etc
you can do a workout like “surround the dragon” with your ankle. Just work compound, heavy, and do leg exercises that don’t use ankle.

Continue doing your WS4SB, but minimize your lower body work. Don’t totally ignore it though because some exercise can actually help speed the recovery of your ankle.

keep the ME upper body and the rep upper the same. Rest on ME lower body and no sprints. When you feel less pain adjust the ME lower body to some machines and instead of sprints do some swimming to strengthen the ligaments of your ankle.

WS4SB is a solid program.

i went to the doctor on tuesday and i fractured one of the growth plates in my ankle. i have to wear a boot on my right foot/ankle/calve (the ski boot thing…which sucks in snowy ohio :frowning:

but uhh on tuesday i went back to school and i started CTs ticket to the gun show program minus the lower body day (3rd day is tomorrow). should i get back on WS4SB and just do what i can with my legs even with my ankle how it is? or maybe do ws4sb minus the leg day?

Heaven forbid we suggest some flexibility training to begin with…

Do whatever makes you happy