Upper Body Only Due to Injury

Im unable to train my lower body for the next few months due to an injury sustained at work

My hips, lower back and sciatic nerve are shot.

So as I’m training at home, I’m limited to what I can do so I was thinking of doing Push pull leg but without the leg so are these exercises decent to build the upper body until I can start on lower body

Bench press (vary type)
Inverted Rows
Chinups/Neutral Pullups/Wide Pullups
Overhead Press
Lying Tricep Pushdowns

I’m wanting to stick to compound only mainly with couple of iso so I’m in and out

I’ll be using progressive overload on the repetition side of it.

Not being a smart-ass → but… Are you being told not to work lower body or you are unable to? If your tight as hell, some lower body work may help the pain a lot. As simple as lunges/split squats/one-legged leg press/etc. Most of my shooting nerve pain (both sides) comes from tight piriformis muscles. Exercise helps it.
If you can do standing curls or overhead presses, you should be able to lunges.
Just trying to help.

Not allowed to work lower Body hurts too much
Basically I’ve torn my ligaments in my lower back, so squats compared to Curls are different, and same with OHP as the weight isnt bearing my lower back

Just need to know if what I can do is fine

Fine for what ? For your rehab, for staying healthy, for gaining strength, for losing weight ??

what does your physio therapist tell you to do ?

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I like what @simo74 has said. I am thinking of a few other exercises, as I’ve hurt my hamstring and I’m limited as well. But, how do we know that doing pull-ups/chin-ups isn’t doing you damage. I’ll go with whatever your dr and physical therapist tell you.

I’d be cautious with your injury. You don’t want to F it up more. If anything, I’d recommend non impact cardio.

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I want to know if the exercises I can do are ok for gaining strength and muscle on the upper body,.

My physio has given me Stretching exercises to do and told me to avoid exercises that require bending over and squats

Then the answer is yes. With the right progression model enough food you can get stronger and build muscle with those exercises.

Thankyou @simo74 any idea what’s the best way to program them into a split would this be solid to build muscle?

I’m incorporating foam rolling and yoga to see it can help also.

Monday – Off
Tuesday = Workout A Hypertrophy
Wednesday – Off
Thursday – Off
Friday – Workout B Power
Weekend – Off

Progressive overload - Get a weight you can do 3x12, work your way to 3x15, raise the weight, back to 3x12, rinse and repeat

Warmup -
25 Dislocations
25 Pullaparts
25 Gunslingers
3x30s Deep Squat Hold
5min Foam Roller

Cooldown -
25 Dislocations
25 Pullaparts
50 Rear Delt Flyes
50 Hyperextensions on Bench
10min Yoga

Workout A – Hypertrophy
Warmup - See Routine

1x20//3x12-15 Bench Press ( / ) S/S 10-15 Pushups
1x20//3x12-15 Rows ( / ) S/S 20rep lying band Shrugs
2x 12-15 Military Press ( )
3x6/5/5 Chinups

Cooldown - See Routine

Workout B – Power
Warmup - See Routine

1x10//3x3-6 Bench Press ( / )
1x10//3x3-6 Rows ( / )
2x3-6 Military Press ( )
3x6/5/5 Neutral Pullup

Cooldown - See Routine

What do you think?

Have a look at the post I added to this thread.

Just substitute the exercises you can do and follow the rules. I wouldn’t do a hypertrophy day and a power day like you have laid out. I would stick to one consistent rep range for a period of time. Maybe think about doing a hypertrophy block for 6-12 weeks (reps in the 8-12 range) and then so a strength or intensity block for 6 weeks where you drop the rep range to 5-8.

@simo74 thanks man I appreciate it, I’ll drop the power day and focus on Push pull and do Hypertrophy with consistent progressive over load based on what I can do :slight_smile:

Btw I love the program you posted it’s very straight forward so I adapted it below, is this what you meant?

Workout A – Push
Warmup - See Routine

1x15//4x 6-12 Bench Press ( / ) S/S 10-15 Pushups
4x6-12 Military Press ( ) (5 chinups after each set)
1xFailure Lying Tricep Band Extension

Cooldown - See Routine

Workout B – Pull
Warmup - See Routine

3x?/?/? Neutral Pullup
1x15//4x6-12 Rows ( / ) S/S 20rep Lying Band Pause Shrugs (2xBlk 1xBl)
2x20-30 Alt. Dumbbell Curl ( )

Cooldown - See Routine

It looks ok if you are set on breaking it up push / pull. If I was doing only 2 days I would still do full body but that’s just me.
Maybe just a watch out for supersetting bench with push ups. If you want to keep adding weight and progressing bench you may want to seperate them. You could move them to the pull day and SS them with the rows. Up to you really.
As I said in my other post. The real key is effort, consistency and progression. Good luck

@simo74 retty good idea, so shall I put chins with Bench and Pushups with Rows? And it should he good to go then?

Yer I rekon that should be fine.

@simo74 thankyou very much, I actually might put chins with the Tricep work

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