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Upper Body Mobility Drills

I’ve had a shoulder impingement (subscapular) for the last 3 years and haven’t been able to do upper body training very well since.
I’m wanting to incorporate upper body mobility drills to help with gaining flexibility and pain free full ROM.
Based on articles I’ve read, it’s extremely important to learn how to do serratus anterior activations, scapular mobility and activations, thoracic spine mobility, and rotator work, such as external rotations.

Anyone have any advice on how to program this throughout the week or which drills are the best?
Should it be a separate “training” sessions or part of a warmup for upper body days?

Hoping this makes sense :woman_shrugging:t3:

How do you know your shoulder is impinged?
What symptoms are you experiencing?
What upper body training are you unable to do? What can you do?

I’ve seen a physical therapist and chiropractor and both said I had an impingement.
Most days I experience an inflamed/tight pinching feeling in my armpit area that sometime goes into the middle of my shoulder blade.
Pressing, besides landmine presses, hasn’t felt good for a long time. Most rows are okay and actually help it feel better (though during the actual movement it kind of irritates my shoulder but afterwards it feels fine) and lat pulldowns kind of bug it as well. So basically… rows are all that feel comfortable.