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Upper Body ME on WS4SB

Ok so Im doing the ws4sb part III program, and today was my ME upper body day.
For the ME exercise I worked up to a 5rep max on the bench press.
for my second last set, I managed to get 205lbs; the last rep was kind of a grinder, but my elbows stayed tucked and form was good.

I decided to up the weight again and go for 215 for 5; I managed to get 5 reps, but the last two were iffy, my elbows starting flaring only an inch off my chest, i lost a lot of tightness in my core and my ass actually came off the bench about an inch for the last rep…
SO my question to you is:
is it worth doing a heavier set when you’re not able to maintain proper technique? even though I got my reps, I feel like Im compromising my long term potential by working with heavy weights and sub-par technique.

NOTE: when my technique broke down it was because I wasn’t strong enough to maintain it; I was focusing 110% to try and keep good form.

technique is key. only do what you can do with proper form.

Your form is not going to be perfect with max weights. That’s how it is. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try for perfect form every rep, though. If your form breaks down a little for a new PR, so be it.