Upper Body Machine Work with Knee Injury

I recently tore my patella tendon, and am looking at several months of rehab. I’m in a knee brace, won’t be able to bend my knee at all for 5 more weeks.

My doctor has cleared me to go to the gym and do upper body exercises on machines only, no free wieghts. I’m 37, 5’9" 190lb who works out 4-5 days a week doing everything from bootcamp to low rep heavy sets depending on current program.

I’m looking for advise on rep, set, eccentric, drop sets, etc, how I can mix these up for different routines while only using machines. I’d like to keep building muscle and get as much of a cardio burn as well.

Injuries suck, especially one with an 8th month total recovery period. It might keep me down, but I won’t let it keep me out of the gym! Any advise is GREATLY appreciated!

Do what you can, machine sucks and there is no way it will replace free weights. You will lose what you have.