Upper Body Injury; Which Specialist?

Didn’t know where to post this sorry if it’s inappropriate

I’ve been training over rotator issues for a while now… got injured in swimming class last term and since having recovered from the initial injury I have lost mobility in both shoulders. Besides I can barely progress on any form of pressing movements now, it’s not that it hurts; my shoulders just feel ‘stuck’ and they usually reach failure way before my triceps and/or chest. On some exercices, such as dips (or squats to an extent) it does hurt and I can’t quite do the movement right.

Does anybody know which kind of specialist I should see about this? There are so many out there, and I only have experience with osteotherapy which wasn’t efficient for me. I’m also interested by eventual tips about helping with recovery.


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Thanks that sounds pretty pro.

you definately need to see Dr.Diesel, (search youtube for Diesel crew shoulder rehab like BBB said) ive been having good sucess with it…no miracle stories but its been working quite well