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Upper Body Dynamic


Jim, don't have med balls at my gym. Saving up for my own home gym, but that's neither here nor there. Question is do you have any suggestions for alternative upper body dynamic work? Clapping pushups?


And one more, since the percentages vary on the lifts performed in your 1.1 program, do we just up the training max at the end of each 5 week block?

I'd like to thank you by the way for your writing style and programs. Over the years I've been guilty of changing my mind and hopping from program to program. I've done 5/3/1 off and on since you originally released the program years ago. No matter what I always find myself coming back to it though. The simplicity and effectiveness can't be equaled. Thanks for spreading truth.


I do clapping pushups and recommend them. Drop pushups, or something else similar would work well also. It's just an upper body jump.


you have a lot of options...

hang cleans, hang pulls, hang snatch, push jerks, speed bench, speed press... plyo push ups, throws in the smith machine... you could get some stones to shot put, do backwards throws...

jump squats, de box squats, sprints, box jumps, long jumps, hops, de pulls, power clean...

more than enough to choose from


There is no such thing as Upper/Lower Body "dynamic" - there is only total body. Do various jumps and med ball throws.