Upper Body day clips

I’ll post the workout later, so you get an idea how things fitted in.

Anyway as usual if you have problems playing the clips - right lcick on em and save it! :slight_smile:


Monday 3rd November - General Workout - Week 3 - Day 3 - Upper Body 1

Pretty Average Workout. I’m going to have to move dips/chins etc to another session, as the workout is getting long and I just don’t feel like doing so many exercises in a single session.

Well my Gym is moving next door to a bigger 2 storey premises. So half the gym was missing, which made things a pain. And the gym will be closed Saturday and Sunday for the move, so that will disrupt things a bit.

Weighed 214lbs today at the gym with shoes(chucks) + clothes etc

Workout time - 1.25 Hours
Workout rating - 7/10

PowerRack Chins - partial L shaped grip

warmups - shoulder width chin style pulldowns to sternum - 50 x5, 70 x5, 90 x3, 110 x3

Tempo 10X0 - alternating sets with dips 1.5mins rest between each

Normal Chin bar - BW x3 - taking it easy
PowerRack - BW 3x3 - touching chest on bar

I was pretty much fried on the last rep, as I’m trying to maximally accelerate my body, which is needed to get the chest up to the bar.


warmups - pushups on bench BWx5, reverse bench dip BWx5, pushup BWx5, 10 sec static hold at dip lockout, 2 singles

Tempo 10X0 - alternating sets with chins 1.5mins rest between each

BW 3x3


  • alternating sets with bench 1.5mins rest between each

ReverseGrip Single Arm Dumbell Rows
warmup - 40lbs x5
Tempo 1010
60lbs x5

Plyo 45 degree Supported Rows- wide palms down grip
Warmups - Bar+45lbsx5

Tempo - X0X0 Bar+100lbs 2x5
Tempo - 1010 Bar+45lbs x10

Elbows out Single Arm Dumbell Rows
45lbs 2x9


Warmups - 16inch grip Bar x10, 95x5, 135x3
Tempo - 10X0 - alternating sets with rows 1.5mins rest between each

14inch grip
Tempo X0X0 - 175lbs 4x3 - Plyo style - estimated 70% 1RM

Tempo 10X0 - 205lbs x 2 singles, 2nd with 3 sec pause on chest, 80% 1RM

Work Tonnage = 2510lbs, up 365lbs from last session

Pecs were feeling it a bit!

Bits and Pieces

reversed the order
Rest - 1min

30 degree Incline Dumbell Snatch raises - thumbs up - face down
5kg 2x9

30 degree Incline Dumbell Side raises - face down
6kg 2x10

Prone Sideways cross body single arm laterals - Thumbs up
5kg 1x8 each side

Cuban raise Cleans
5kg 1x8 each side

10 flights of stairs back to car

Whats that gimp infront of you trying to do on the dip clip!?

cable curls? :slight_smile:

I can see only the first 4 seconds of every clip - whats up??

didn’t realise the trek back to the car counted as part of the workout!

CoolCol: how come you don’t push further on the given exercises? Why only one rep on the close grips, 3 on the chins, and 5 on the rows?

I understand that the chins, for example, were meant to be explosive–so did you stop when you knew you couldn’t complete another EXPLOSIVE rep?


i understand your reasonings for using the % work you do, from your posts here and cf.com, but i was wondering what you base those percentages on? and how they change over the course of a cycle.

i take it you max out at the end of the cycle, but from the look of a lot of the lifts you seem a lot stronger than the weights you are lifting.

i guess my wuestion is exactly how are you determining the weights and exercises that you use, and what template do you use to create your programme?

there seems to be a little of everything in there, but from here i cant see the continuity in it…

not having a go, just curious



Careful with those rows. Much more momentum in that contraption and you’ll be performing an involuntary tracheotomy.

GluteSpanker - I did say “if you have problems playing the clips, right click on each and save them before watching” :slight_smile:
That should fix it.

DrSTU - well 10 flights of steps is not exatly a walk in the park! :slight_smile:
Nice GPP anyway, no eccentric so its a bit liek sled dragging in a way, but loading on the erectors, VMO and hammies+glutes. Not so bad on upper body days, but after a squat session, it’s a bit painful…

Right Side Up -
3 reps is usually the limit for me when the load is moderately heavy and my intentions are to acclerate it. On the chins the last rep of the 3rd set was about it for me, I barely got my chest to the bar.
The heavier the load the less reps I do, I never go to failure or near it, bar speed is always the prime goal in the main exercises. Assitant moves I don’t worry about as much.
So I always leave a buffer space, If I can do 10 reps to failure, then I will usually never go past 5 reps. And when you accelerate it with all your might, after the 3rd rep, the speed is starting to slow anyway. Still it’s a bit of guess work, when I get a Micro Muscle Lab, that will help me measure bar speed and then I can quantify things exactly.
The thing is I am getting bigger training like this, you definietly recruit the high thresold fast twitch fibers training like this. Fatigue is not the requirement for hypertrophy after all :slight_smile:

davidian -
The % is based on 1RM or estimated 1RM, and modified by feel. Just because it looks easy doesn’t mean it is! :slight_smile:
I think my clips can be misleading because they never show the effort that my muscles feel. For me to acclerate that load, the muscles have to fire hard and fast, you don’t see that, but I feel it.
Most of my worksets are around 70-75%
The high end side of the power zone, so I get a bit of both power and strength gains. Usually at this intensity zone, I want the wieght to feel weighty but not too heavy, and still be able to move it quickly for multi sets of triples. The load will wave up and down aorund this range from session to session, sometimes I will do doubles instead and split the worksets to the 40-60% and 80-85% area, even alternating loads on a set by set basis.

I do max out every so often, but not always at the end of the cycle, if I feel good and stronger I go for it. I find maxing out at the end of cycle not always a good idea. When the body says yes, I go for it.
It does sometimes look a bit all over the place, but there is a method to the madness, and it is modified by instinctive training. Every week is different and it is somewhat cyclicly, I tend to alternate weeks where I go lighter, and weeks where I add a few tops sets of singles with heavier weights. There is always some explosive move for nueral firing at the start of the workout, then some plyo style move, sometimes paused sets, maybe heavier singles, a higher rep remedial exercise for blood flushing etc, some slower moves, and my general sets of triples around 70-75% for a major compund move → but this depends on the exercises.

I’m about to get into bands after next week deloading phase.
Then all that static dynamic stuff too - lot’s of fun :slight_smile: