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Upper Body Before Lower Body

So, kind of a stupid question. I noticed that on a lot of upper/lower splits written, the upper body days come before the lower body days. Is there a reason for this? Does the timing effect hormone release or something remotely similar?

My instinct says it’s just preference, but I see it so often, just had to ask.

Doesn’t matter

im running 5/3/1, and like a bb split the upper days are before the lower days. i once swapped it around for a week and my performance on the upper days dropped dramaticaly because my whole body was knackerd from squats, whereas squats after OHP are fine. simple

Forget “hormone release”

You have no control over it in a broad sense. And weightlifing certainly has no appreciable effect. A small percentage rise in anabolic hormones that returns to normal as quickly as it elevated has no impact.

I always need a day off after squatting heavy. Squatted yday and i feel sore today lol!