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Upper Back/Trap/Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Injury?


Hey guys i was wondering if anyone could help me out, Ive been to see a doctor about my issue but he didnt help me what so ever and wouldn't refer me to physio..i just hope someone takes the time to read this lol.

I have a weird issue with my back trap and shoulder on the right handside of my body it feels like my bone structure is rotating my right shoulder downwards or muscle or something is forcing it to do so, when i deadlift it feels like my right arm is shorter than the other i pull the bar at a slight angle, my bench press has gone all out of allignment my right arm press's further forward than the left one and on various other exercises aswell but for the life of me i cant control it...ive been lifting for 4 years now so its certainly not a form issue 2-3 months ago all my pressing and pulling was fine.

Ive tried dumbell and uni lateral work on all pressing and pulling exercises it has just made things worse along with general lifting aswell im not blaming dumbells.
I cant think of anything to try fix this ive looked online and from what ive read i think my scapula is starting wing on my right handside maybe?

After reading about causes ect and i realised theres a possibility i may have injured something but im unsure what, im a pipe layer by trade and had to move a pipe which weighed a hell of alot so i put a bar underneath it but couldnt budge it when tried to push it so i put my right shoulder underneath the bar and pretty much squatted, this was 5 month ago and the day after my collar bone area was badly bruised and painful for about 2 weeks but it went away and i didnt think nothing of it.

But from what ive read it states that compression of the collar bone can cause the serratus anterior to get badly injured and no longer work which in turn the scapula pulls away from its original place but my shoulder blade is not stuck out further than the other so could this have happened to me?
I haven't been to the gym for for 3 weeks now, ive been doing scapula press ups on my hands and elbows and generslly trying to stand the same on both sides but im not getting any better i constantly feel twisted with 1 side of my body in correct posture then the other side my right trap is kinda pulling up but the shoulder is pulling/rounding downwards, has anyone ever had anything like this happen to them? If so what did you do to correct it :s?

Id just like to say that my training was well balanced between pressing, pulling and posterior chain work i always warmed up, my posture was perfectly good previous to this.
What ever ive done hasn't happened over night its just got/getting progressively worse i dont think ive injured my self lifting but i cant guarantee it :/.
Sorry if theres spelling mistakes or whatever i typed this up on my phone lol
Thanks to anyone who reads all that and replies.


if you press against a wall or something with your arm straight out in front of you, does your scapula wing?