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Upper Back Soreness


Hey guys ive been lurking here for awhile and currently doing 5/3/1 have been for 2 months and i had a question, the day after doing deadlifts i alway have upper back soreness, not like super bad its just odd an i wondered if there was anything in form that could cause this, i will post a vid of form when i get a chance, thanks


Why do you think that this is a bad thing?


There's a big difference between the soreness of muscular fatigue which would be normal and expected after a session of heavy deads and the soreness of injury. Can you be more specific?


Its just like the typical muscle soreness, i was just curious because deadlifts "arent" an upper back exercise and wondered if having soreness there means im doing something wrong


if it's on the back side of your body, chances are deadlifts are working it


Dymar, deadlifts have the potential (and generally do) hit your traps quite nicely. I built up my traps primarily through deadlifts and shrugs, and they tend to be a strong point of mine.


Deadlift will involve all the muscles from your heels to the base of your neck, also forearms,abs, quads.....
Its a super compound lift.


If you're doing boring but big, your back is gonna be pretty sore


My upper back is always sore the day after a good dead session. That's how I know I did them right.


thanks guys, newbie question i know thanks for the replies, on a different note i am loving 5/3/1


What about the lower back getting very sore compared to the rest of the body?


Dude, deadlifts are one of the best back exercises there is. You are sore because you are blasting the shit out of your back.