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Upper Back, Shoulder, Hip Mobility?


Hey can someone name some mobility exercises for upper back, scapula, shoulders, and hip.


I would have thought that if you were qualified enough to give out advice over on the injury and rehab forum that you would know the answer to this.


well aren't you quick to judge? it's because im injured i know personally what would and what wouldn't work.i just want to know some mobility excercises got a problem with that?

If their Orthopedic surgeons were so qualified to answer, would you think they have tried already? why are you so ignorant.

i have spent over 20,000$+ on therapy alone, i know when to call it quits if the therapy doesn't work, so why are you on the Injury and Rehab forum? what do you know?

I have had supposedly qualified physiotherapist that had no idea how to rehab my injury and asked me to continue working out, were they qualified enough for you? seriously.