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Upper Back Rounds w/ Heavy Deadlifts

When I do a heavy set of deadlifts (130kg x 5) my upper back rounds quite a bit as you can see. Is this a problem and should I decrease the weight and try and fix it? I’m sure it could also be due to my “round shouldered” posture. Some people seem to say upper back rounding is fine as long as the lower back is straight and others say it isn’t.


I deadlift with a rounded upper back as well but that looks pretty damn extreme IMO. I highly suggest lowering the weight on deadlifts and really hammering your upper back with DB Rows, HEAVY shrugs, and Overhand Pullups. You need to fix that.

That is a massive amount of rounding especially if it rounds even more if you go heavier. A slight round in the upperback is fine if the lower back isn’t rounded, but I wouldn’t be comfortable with such extreme rounding.

So is it due to a week back or me setting my form up incorrectly?

It’s hard to say without a video, but it seems to be a little bit of both.

Here’s some videos if it helps