Upper Back Rounding

(NOTE: THIS IS NOT A FORM CHECK VIDEO) First and foremost, this session was after I had already trained that day, did a ton of upper back work earlier, worked a shift and I worked up to it in around 10 minutes or so. Anyway, I pulled 500 for 5 last night and I’ve heard a couple of people who are “concerned” about my back health, even though in the video next to it you can see I’m not that bent over with 455.

I do not pull this drastically bent over all the time mind you, but still, I felt fine and it felt like an easy set given the day and how much and long it was leading up to it. I am aware my chin is tucked and raising it will raise my chest, along with the other cues to keep it up.

I was just curious how you guys who pull rounded over feel about this in particular and start a little drama with the flat back enthusiasts I see everywhere.



Well I’ll be! I found a thread I want to post in before anyone else!

Anyway, I don’t at all see anything wrong with what your doing. You show control of your spine and it looks rigid the whole time. Your back never gets anymore bent over.

The problem is when the back bends more during the rep and when the rounding comes from lumbar spine.

Your very last rep is a little bit iffy but some form breakdown is inevitable if you push a set hard. We all have to decide how far we want to take that and the risk that come with it which is very individual with people’s different motivations, jobs, priorities, injury history, family history of things like back issues, etc…

Congrats on building your deadlift as far as both weight and technique to the point you have!

Can we all take a moment to appreciate this man walking into the gym in blue jeans and pulling weight like that? I love it.


Strong. Nice pulling dude.

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My upper back rounds a little when I deadlift as well. Most heavy lifters round their upper backs. I dunno the lifts looks solid for the most part.

Yeah I’m still happy about it, but I’m doing a higher volume block right now and I pulled 460 for two sets of eight Sunday with no back rounding. Honestly, most of your volume work should be with a straighter back imo. I’m focusing extremely hard on keeping my head up which is helping substantially.

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Do you often deadlift with high volume? High volume deadlifts absolutely wreck me.

Depends on the time of the year honestly. Most of the year I’ve been running Paul Carter’s Base Building for my deadlift and never went over 465 for a triple. Just focused on speed, technique, and mostly back off volume comprised of sets of 5 paused right off the ground. Every now and then I’ll do 405 and see how many I can get after my top set if I’m pressed for time, but that’s the only time I go highrep. They help build your deadlift a lot though.

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