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Upper Back Pulldown Form?

Hey Paul,
Can you please let me know if my form is good? I’ve been doing the super hero protocol for about 2 months now

Really hard angle to judge anything from, but it looks like you’re pulling to your chest in front and going too low.
Your elbows are also all over the place- sometimes down

sometimes back

That’s DRASTICALLY different for two reps in the same set. So no, I’d say your form needs a lot of work. I’d rewatch the video that Paul posted in the superhero article and ask yourself if he’s doing any of the things you’re doing.

If you took that first picture, kept similar elbow positioning but leaned back a little and pulled to the bottom of your chin instead of mid chest, you’d be a bit closer.


Thanks alot!
Il rewatch the video and then try again and post a follow up here.

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I agree with the lean back a little part. That way your elbows will be “down” relative to the floor but “back” compared to your angles torso.


I’m wondering if I should lean back a bit more?

Yes. You should rewatch the video for as many times as it takes you to see how far Paul is leaning back, and pay attention to where the bar is traveling in relation to the body (as @flatsfarmer mentioned). If I get more in-depth with my advice, I might give you a cue or something that doesn’t align with Paul’s methodology, and this is his program, so I’m done here, but I think if you look around the forums, read the article, watch his videos, etc. you can figure this stuff out.

Also, since you’re wearing it in both videos, you should know pink underwear is catabolic.

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Loool :joy:
This video is a week apart, didn’t wear the underwear that long.
Is where I brought the bar down in the second video too low still?

Lean back more -

Drive the elbows back -

Bar should come to around the upper chest area which is in line with the fibers of the upperback -

It’s that simple.


Thanks alot
I will try this next time.