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Upper Back Problem...Any Advice?


Problem im describing is mostly on my left side but might as well be both sides.

I have some wierd knotting issue in my upper back that's causing pressing movements to feel annoyingly weak and unstable .

Pressing movements dont cause pain they just feel weak and inhibited.

I dont have any anterior shoulder pain or actual pain anywhere else.
My Teres major /minor / infraspinatus area feels alot tighter than normal .

My pullups feel lopsided

Got a massage yesterday and she said the infraspinatus and teres were "stuck together."

Ill try to clarify any questions .



Cool it on the pull ups.

If one side of your back is tight, and your pull ups are lopsided, all your presses are lopsided too.

Stretch and roll out and masage and “warm up” the tight area. Get it mobile again. Work out the knot.

Try some lifts to hit your traps and rear delt and “upper back” to balance out the “mid-back” and let stuff you have been doing. Think of raising your scapula, or shrugging your traps. You want to get a balance of rows(back, together), pulldowns( downward) and shrugs (up) to keep your scaps mobile, and your back balanced.


Thanks . I do think the pullup stuff is definitely a factor , its been fairly heavy in my routine , and i also havent done much rowing in comparison .

Ive really been doing mostly the same stuff for months&months, but then have felt great up until this point .

Right when i noticed this problem i changed my exercises a bit and backed off on the volume for upper body.

, ive never had anything linger for this long ,
usually any nagging thing goes away in a few days. Its been 3 weeks now and its still being a nuisance.


I had the same or similar issue. I tried resting, mobility exercises, chiropractic, physical therapy and finally prolotherapy, which was the only one that gave significant and lasting relief.

the chiropractic worked for a day or two. based on what my chiro told me and online research I deduced I had slipping rib syndrome.


With some trial and error I conclude that front squatting was the most likely cause of this problem. When I front squatted I wrapped all my fingers around the bar and would grab it pretty hard . Upper arm bone gets pulled down and forward.

I don’t think it was from doing too many pullups I probably do more of those now than ever .


Upper back pain has become a familiar complaint from people who work at
computers most of the day ,often, upper back pain occurs along with neck
pain or shoulder pain sometimes with both. I think you should try yoga regularly to relax your mussels. What I can suggest after reading this post is if its so serious and you cant bear with it then you should consult a doctor urgently or else you could do some yoga on regular basic.