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Upper Back Pains from Squatting Went Away

does this mean my back was getting stronger ? My form is flawless I don’t do any of my squats bad. But I do squat bench and deadlift heavy 3x a week.

lets see a video of this flawless form

You do all 3 lifts heavy 3 times a week?


No wonder I didn’t see the Q&A thread get bumped the first time. I posted the videos in the wrong thread, haha.

I really dont need a tutorial i really dont no why ive done it 3x a week for almost 1 month and a half and it never hurted me but it hurt on friday and im fine right now i just wonder if my back is getting stronger

what exactly hurt? muscular soreness? rug-burnt skin? neck from awkward positioning?


I don’t believe that your form is flawless on any of your squats, I know guys that have been training 10x longer than you and they still don’t have perfect form every rep.

a month and a half? is it even equal to your bodyweight yet?

You need to disclose a bit more information about the problem and probably get a video up.

And deadlifting 3x a week? How are your numbers looking for all 3 lifts?

maybe he is doing kortes 3x3

I too would like to see these squats, not to make asshole remarks on them, but just to see why. You might be doing a goodmorning on the way up.


The OP neeeds to post a video

What is the point of this thread? What the fuck is anyone even talking about?