Upper Back Pain

I injured my self about 5 weeks ago and tweaked my back on a 1rm squat. I have taken off 6 weeks from squatting, been doing some rehab stuff and other stuff that wasnt affected by the injury. For the last 2 weeks my back has felt great and I felt that the rest was what was needed to let it heal, but today I went to try and do some light squats to test it.

I did a warm up set with the bar and all was good and then moved to 135, It felt fine to unrack and fine in the whole, even paused in the hole to see how everything felt and it was all good, On the way up I had no pain until was almost fully upright, but at that 90 % upright position I had terrible pain in upper back. tried stretching it out and foam rolling but tried a few more light sets and still the same pain. I am going to go see a Doctor, but I just wondering if any one has had something similar. Its frustrating as every other motion feels fine, even deadlifting, its just the top portion of the squat.

Might try a safety squat bar or strap bar to change the angle of your hands/upper back.

If you are any good at front squats give them a try until you can back squat again they use barely any back. If you have trouble holding it on your shoulders use straps.

Just thinking of some ideas to keep your strength up. Also glue ham raises rdl if you can handle them and reverse hypers. Where is the pain at specifically?