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Upper Back Pain when Front Squatting

Hello, this is my first post in the forum, looking forward to being here.

A couple of days ago when I was back squatting I was feeling great and I said to myself why not try a front squat, haven’t done that in a while. So I am all pumped up and I pick up the bar after which I exhaled a little. The second I exhaled I felt pain (or strain) in the upper left part of my back. This has happened before and exactly the same way. I decide to front squat and when I pick up the bar it starts hurting. This is the first time I notice that it starts to hurt when I exhale.

The pain does not prevent me from doing the rest of the workout (after squats I did DB bench press and some pull ups). The pain passes after 1,2 or max 3 days, but it prevents me from improving my front squat. And by the way this does not happen when I do it with some heavy weight, this time it happened while doing squats with 135 (I was still doing warm up sets) , but it has happened while doing it with less. So, are there any solutions, has anyone else ever felt it and how to prevent it?

Sorry for my bad English I am from Bulgaria. :smiley:

Strengthen your upper back. Try with band pull aparts or face pulls, or both.
If this does not work, go see the doctor.