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Upper Back Pain During Box Squat


Today was the box squat and towel bench day of my program, which is my favorite day because I usually make the most gains on those lifts and can put up the most weight. The reps I was using this week were 3x3, and normally this is also my favorite system.

However, today when doing box squat, I ended up doing my last set of 3 at 450 pounds, and had an insane amount of pain in my upper back, especially on the right side. It seemed almost like my spine was being compressed, no other way I can think of to describe it.

Anybody have any idea what could cause that pain? I stretch out my back before squatting (Especially the pretzel stretch) and the weight isn't something I haven't worked with before. (My 1 RM is 500 lbs.) It's alot better than it was after the work out, but I still have pain while just sitting here typing, mostly just beneath my right shoulder.

Any help is appreciated.