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Upper Back Pain Days Following Chest Workout

So I have chronic back pain. It pretty much bothers me everyday. Some days are better than others but it’s usually there all the time. I get soreness/tightness in my mid to lower trap and rhomboid area. I usually get cracking in that area multiple times through out my day. I have been seeing a massage therapist and chiropractor and they both said that the reason I am experiencing this is because my chest is over developed compared to my back muscles. I do notice that in the day or two following a chest workout, my back gets a lot more sore and it cracks much more often during this time. It’s gets bad enough that I almost want to stop doing chest workouts. I realize that if it is true what the therapists are saying I should be working my back more but that doesn’t seem to be helping much. Just wondering if anyone has any insight or experience with this. Thanks guys

When you bench, are you pushing your head back against the bench?
That always knots me up.