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Upper Back Mass-Building Exercises

Aside from rack pulls and other deadlift variations, does anyone swear by other upper back mass-building exercises?

chins and DB rows

i do neck pulls…i think they talked about them in the “best of back” a few months back they work realy well for me

Really like t-bar rows and 1-arm t-bar rows. Pull-Ups are always a big one too.

push press

isodynamic rowing

BB Bentover Rows

Shrugs, T-bar Rows, and BB Rows

Underhand barbell rows to the hip, with heaviest weight possible for reps

Kroc rows, inverted rows, and military presses have helped me a great deal.

i used to do barbell rows with my body held at too great an angle to the floor, basically hitting more of my traps . incorporating pendlay rows has helped me improve my form in the barbell row and now i can feel it properly.

a pendlay row is basically a bent barbell row but it is a fairly explosive movement. you have to keep your lower back arched and parallel to the floor and pull the bar to your upper abdomen.

Tbar row
BOBB row

I’m so upperback dominate its stupid;

High seated machine rows
Face pulls
Leaning forward shrugs
Low set standing cable rows
Poor mans v-bar row with barbell*

*Set bar end into corner, load exposed end with weight and use v-handle around bar bent over and row. Hit upper back for me at least. Pull to chest.

Face pulls
Seated machine rows ( http://us.commercial.lifefitness.com/content.cfm/seatedrow )
Seated HS ISO rows

Trap bar rows of any variation. Drills the rear delts and upper back.


what are you currently doing that isnt working for you? how much volume? if its just rack pulls and deads like you mentioned its no wonder your upper back is lacking because they really arent the ideal movements for upper back hypertrophy imo.

obviously any type of vertical pull or row will work but i think the combo of pullups, Yates Rows, and Pendlay Rows is awsome and lets you hit your lats/traps at multiple angles.

Don’t mean to hijack the forum, but how is spider rowing, I’ve never done it but keep meaning to give it a try, anyone in here tried it?

[quote]Rumble Fish wrote:
Don’t mean to hijack the forum, but how is spider rowing, I’ve never done it but keep meaning to give it a try, anyone in here tried it?[/quote]

like this?

I won’t cover delts, and if I had to choose 3 that’d be:
-Shrugs: the barbell or the dumbbell variation.
-T bar row: chest supported or barbell in a corner with the pulldown triangle.
-This can be either rack chins, pullups (these two as first or second exercise), or cable pulldowns (this one as a high rep 12-15 finisher).

Hmmm, I think the only real common denominator in this thread is rowing from various angles and equipment.

deadlifts, i feel they hit my traps pretty hard