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Upper Back Knot


So past few years I've had an on and off knot in my upper back (right side). Hasn't been anything crazy or too annoying, something I would just try and massage out that would go away.

It probably started when I was working and doing excess painting overhead and lifting furniture around. Now that I've been back into the gym it's been pretty constant and to the point it's affecting my workouts. Doing DL's it will really knot up and I feel like I'm pulling to the side etc etc.

So far I've been doing things like foam rolling, the tennis ball (and golf ball) rolling, stretching, I even own a shakti mat, but nothing has really helped. Getting my girlfriend to massage it just seems to bruise it if anything.

So my question is who should I see? A Chiropractor? massage therapist? doctor? Typically I would just head to a chiro but it comes down to money.

Thanks in advance.


I think I have the same issue, and would also love to hear some advice. Personally, I think it may be the serratus posterior superior muscle, but am not sure; I can massage it, or set about it with the tennis ball, but it only gives very temporary relief. Do you get tightness or numbness around your same-side pectoral, teres major and arm? I do, myself, and I would wager that it's all inter-related. I have been to see both a physio (free on NHS) and a chiro (which I paid for) but as I'm dealing with a couple of different issues which need resolved, this one in particular was overlooked by both.


No tightness or numbness around those areas as far as I can tell. Only thing related seems to be my lower back (also right side) tightens up when lifting after some time when I feel the knot in my upper back.


how did u end up? did u solve it?