Upper Back Injury

For some reason i have a tendency of getting weird injuries while doing maximal bench presses. I’ve gotten cramps in my thighs, hammies, and calves. Today, however, is a new one. I did successfully complete a PR bench of 355, but afterwards i have a sharp pain somewhere between my left shoulder blade and my spine, or maybe just behind the shoulder blade.

It feels like a nerve being pinched, especially when i try to stand up completely straight and even when i inhale a big breath. Anyone else have any experience with this injury??

It may be a rib. You might just need an adjustment from the chiro or it may subside on its own. Hopefully it’s not cracked or anything. I doubt it. I may be waaaaaaaaay off base and it might have nothing to do with a rib.

Good job on the PR though!

Kir Dog

I wouldn’t worry about it unless it hurts for a few more days. You may have just strained your mid scapula or pinched a nerve but it should go away w/ some ice and massage. Stretch your upper back a couple times a day for the next couple days and see what happens. A chiropractor can fix what ever else may be bothering the area.

Try this: www.bodyessence.ca. Check out the article “Warm-up for the Spine”. Just lay on the foam roll (pool noodle) and relax. You will feel like an idiot laying on this thing, but don’t be surprised if you fall asleep in about 10 minutes.

I’ve had a similar “injury” twice and this got rid of it both times. When you get desperate, you try anything.