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Upper back development


I noticed tonight while I was doing cardio that all of the guys who don't do deadlifts have flat almost featureless backs. I also saw another guy with probably around 20 in. arms, but guessing a 30-35 in. chest, not great shoulder devlopment except big upper traps from shrugs, and teeny tiny legs. I swear this guy has 12 in. calves.


thats probably true for the most part but i think there is exceptions to that.

i dont dead because no matter how good of form i use they kill my low back. i however do bent, t-bar, and seated rows. as well as pullups, chins, and pulldowns. my back is developed just fine.


I agree with P-Dog. This site has become the holy-grail of the deadlift exercise. Give it a break already! The deadlift is not a magical exercise, just like there is no magical muscle gaining/fat loss pill. I enjoy deadlifts and make it a part of my training programs but you can develop both a strong and an aesthetically pleasing body without doing any deadlifts. Besides, I have rarely seen anybody in bodybuilding gyms doing deadlifts properly. These people probably read sites such as this one and figure they'll go off and do deadlifts and they will magically bust through that hardgainer body. -Not! Here's a quick tip: If the day after performing deadlifts, your lower back is more sore than your glutes and hamstrings, you are not doing them correctly.


As P-dog says there are many ways to skin a cat. I bet those guys who don't deadlift also don't do much in the way of anything for their backs. These guys only care about the muscles you can see and probably train pecs and biceps to death.


The deadlift will build your back up. Personally, I only do deads certian times of the year, and 1/2 deads in the rack others, and my back is pretty friggin huge. BUT, I do a TON of cleans, snatches, clean and snatch pulls, clean and snatch deads, RDL,...which in a way are all deadlift-like movements.
I just uncovered a conspiracy...the Powerlifting and Weightlifting Fed's are run by the SAME PEOPLE!!!