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Upper Back Cramping

The last 2 sessions I’ve had benching I’ve been getting a cramp in my upper back. I’m using the 1-6 system on the bench, I only get it on the rep sets.

Any ideas of what I can do to get over this or prevent it?

It could be from the usual lack of water or too much sodium in your diet. Make sure you’re drinking during the workout to prevent dehydration. I fall victim to this a lot. I don’t cramp up but I feel really dehydrated later in the night. I always get too focused on the working out that I forget to drink more than my 1/2 serving of surge.

thanks for that PGA, I did notice that for the rest of the day I was feeling pretty dehydrated.

How much warmup do you do for your back? If I’m not warming up my back properly I get cramps. Try to do a few sets of lat pulldown and facepulls before you start benching. Works wonders for me.

Other than getting rid of the fish-tank water breath, drinking some water after each sip of your during workout Surge will help with rehydrating your body. Some people have said it disrupts the Surge absorbtion but I’ve done it and havent noticed any difference from when I didnt drink water other than what was contained in my Surge.

If you’re not drinking Surge or anything else during your workout go to the fountain between each movement.