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Upper Back Above Lats


What exercises do you guys like to do for that area.


Do you mean the area between the shoulder blades? Or the shoulders? Or…



Pretty much all the muscles that act on the shoulder blades.


Shrugs, deadlifts and contracting during seated cable rows.


Close Grip Dead Hang Pull-ups and Chin-ups with a nice hold at the top
Close and Wide Grip High Pulls
Hang Cleans to Push Presses


Face pulls, Cuban raises, and those goal post escercises when done flat on the floor hit them for me,


Do heavy deadlifts or rack pulls, and make sure you really pull your traps and back “up and back” at the top of the motion. Trust me, it will get your back poppin’ in no time.


Bent over rows, face pulls, Reverse flys, Shrugs


-Scapular retraction in the cable station
-laying prone on an incline bench front BB raises
-reverse grip BB rows on a smith machine while hunched alllll the way over the bar (so you’re pulling insanely low into your waist when you contract your back).



I guess ytwl’s and push ups(for the serratus) will help me also since i feel my upper back is unstable while benching and that it fatigues before my lats while doing pull ups making the top part incredible hard.


Face pulls, band pull aparts, rear dealt flyes, “seated power cleans”