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Upper and Lower Body Training?


Im 17 years old, i play highschool football, linebacker, defensive end and tight end.

My lifts are
Bench 285
Deadlift 445
Box parrallel squat 405
Weight 210

My question is, i want to add some real big size to my legs and add some real big poundages on my squat and deadlift. But I dont want to get much bigger in my upperbody, but i still want to get stronger in the upperbody.

So what weight and reps should I do to achieve this?


thats hard to do, cause to add size you wil have to eat mor to gain the size in your legs you want, and conversly you will also gain size in your upperbody as well with the increased food intake

if I were you id just focus on gaining overall size and strength and keeping your speed up (im a football palyer myself, just finished my last season of college ball)

but you could try a lot of dynamic work on your upper body and heavy weights with the lower body and see how that work, the dynmic work wil make you alot more explosive in the upper body which will make you more explosive in your punch from your hands and stick to the heavy weights for your legs.

like i said what your trying to do is kinda difficult but thats as best advice i can think of


You could possibily use a westside approach,incorporating core lifts and supplemental lifts, for the legs. For the upperbody, keep the total reps under 20, and you will gains strength, will gaining little, if any size.

-The Truth