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Uploading Videos


I haven’t uploaded anything in a while so sorry if this has been covered somewhere (couldn’t find an answer).

Trying to upload a video and I get this message: “Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extension: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, svg, bmp).”

These are all image extensions. How do I upload a video?

Rise of the Marines - CDMac's 5/3/1 log

I upload it to youtube, then you can copy the link and paste it in a post to embed.


can I use something other than youtube


Seems to work with Vimeo too.



Any idea why Instagram videos don’t post anymore? I pasted the link and it just shows up as an image.


It definitely used to embed itself and simply stopped a while ago. I think it’s something on Instagram’s end, not within the forum here.

Quick test:
IG link -

Same IG link converted to mp4 -

Ok, so yeah. It’s an extra step, but there are free sites that can convert Instagram links to more embeddable version.

But I have no idea why your link showed up as just a jpg. That’s way outta left field. Only thing I can think is maybe because that IG post is a 3-part thing with two images on the other pages instead of a standalone video post.


Thanks, Chris.