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Upleasant Feeling In The Shoulder..

Hey guys, lately I’ve been noticing my left shoulder hurts when I bench press, specifically - dumbbell bench (at the moment I don’t do any barbell pressing).

It’s a burning sensation that intensifies as the set progresses, doesn’t feel like lactic acid pain or in the muscle at all, but just a very unpleasant/unnatural feeling in the shoulder. As soon as I drop the weight, the pain spikes up for 2 seconds and then goes away completely.

I used to get the same feeling, though alot more intense (same shoulder) when I did lat pulldowns, which turned out to be some sort of inflammation in the shoulder… Had to stop doing them for a while and I really did any intense lat pulldowns since then.

Any idea what this shoulder pain means?

P.S. I should probably note that this is after a long layoff. I’m taking it very easy for a while - 15 reps on the first set, and whatever I can squeeze out in the next ones. I feel the pain in the first set as well but it doesn’t get strong enough to make me stop the lift, which does happen on more advanced sets.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s input!