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Upgrading to HOT-ROX, age matters?

Hi…another quick question…

I just got HOT-ROX the original and have been on it for 3 weeks. Its working great so far!

I am 19 atm…and am wondering if switching to the new HOT-ROX will be okay for me? I am getting the impression that it is a stronger dosage…

Also…if I switch to it…should I take a rest period between the original and the Maximum Strength HOT-ROX or should I start consuming it the day after?

Again, as I’ve said previously, Maximum Strength HOT-ROX is not simply more of the ingredients in HOT-ROX, but rather an increase in some, smaller increase in other compounds, etc., creating a very precise ratio. That being said, it’s perfectly fine to start using Maximum Strength HOT-ROX instead and you can begin it the next day after using HOT-ROX.