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Upgrading my Life



I’m new here. This will be a training log for myself.

Motivation: Why am I here?

I’m sick and tired of looking like I do. Am I obese? Absolutely not. Am I happy with my body. Absolutely not.

It takes 21 days to break a habit or form a new one. My goal is to break all of my bad habits and to form new ones that make me feel better about my body.


In 3 weeks time, I want to have turned my lifestyle around into something I can be proud of. In 3 months time, I want to begin to look more like I want to. What do I want to look like? Lean and muscular. Not a body builder, but not a slob. Namely, getting rid of this foopa of a stomach is top priority.


  • Age -17

  • Height - 6’ 1"

  • Weight - 186.2 lbs

  • Waist Circumfrence - 23"

— Will update with maxes when I get there. Currently in the middle of a program. —


My current program is titled “Starting Strength.” No idea who made it. Will update when I figure that out.

I’ll describe briefly

  • Workout 3 days a week

  • 2 Types of days:

Day A
Squat 3x5
Bench 3x5
Deadlift 1x5

Day B
Squat 3x5
Overhead Press 3x5
Power Clean 5x3

  • Every time you return to a lift, add 5-10 lbs. Go until you can’t go further. Once you hit a wall, reset weight.

I’m about 3 weeks in. It’s going okay.


Terrible. That’s one of the things I am to fix in these coming 21 days. I want to break a bad eating habit and start a healthy eating habit.

  • Breakfast: School food. Which leaves something to be desired. Most often two blueberry muffins, apple juice, and water.

  • Lunch: School food. Usually no good. Also the snack line is always tempting me.

  • Dinner: Sometimes mom cooks but usually it’s eating out.

I’m going to set up a meal plan. My mom gives me $30 a week for lunch so I’m gonna see if I can’t transform that into 5 days of healthy breakfast and lunch.

That’s all I can think of for this introductory post. I will reply every day I see fit (at the very least, every day I work out). I’ll post what lifts were done, what weight was done, and what I ate.


I can do this


February 26, 2015

Good day. I feel pretty good.

Weigh in:

184.2 lbs


  • Breakfast : Breakfast pizza, apple sauce, apple juice

  • Lunch : Chicken salad, mozzarella sticks

  • Dinner : Dickie’s bbq (Do reccomend)


Day A

3x5 Squat at 120
3x5 Bench at 85
3x5 Deadlift at 100

All lifts felt really good. I’m excited for the next workout.