"Upgrade" to the New Version of the Neurotyping Certification?

Hello CT,

I went to the neurotyping courses in Besançon in 2017, and Toulouse in 2018,
and I bought the Neurological and Physical Typing Certification as soon as it came out in 2017.
A few months ago like an idiot I missed the special offer to “upgrade” to the new version of the certification.
(I think I never received the email)
Will there be an offer like that again, for example for Black Friday?

Thanks in advance.

Actually every upgrade is free. I just filmed a new one last week which will be added shortly. Everybody who bought the certification get the upgrades for free. If you missed the last one email customer support at info@ballisticmanagement.com and with your name and address they will be able to see that you bought the cert and will send you the link for the update you missed.