Updating the FAQs page?

I just want to go on the record saying everything that you guys provide is the best in the industry, but whenever I refer people to this website I tell them to read the FAQs first. And I know that there have been so many great articles written since then that aren’t on there. I also think that it would be awesome to have an archives page that lists the articles under the author’s name. You guys rock these are just a couple of my suggestions.

TP, I’ll second that. I’d LOVE a list of articles by author!!!

Very Good Idea.

Great idea…a more comprehensive way to find articles would be great…maybe even list by category such as Performance Nutrition, Weigt Loss, Cardiovascular Training, Strength Programs, Bodybuilding Programs, Rehab, ect…anyone else have any ideas for category names??? Im sure all of us could come up with a detailed list.


yeah would be nice. we can of course always just do a search, but …
The FAQ i think needs to be updated.