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Updates On Myself and Dillema

Hi guys,
I’ve been training and its been going pretty well, the past 3 weeks ive been doing just basic bodyweight stuff lunges, step-ups, dips, pull-ups, and chin-ups.

I can already notice that im jumping a lot higher. In the beggining of the season i could hardly dunk with 2 hands know 3 months later i can dunk with 2 hands off either leg, and dunk over people from the step with 2 legs. But its not that diffucuilt especially at 6’7" tall.

What i wanted to ask you guys is whats your thoughts on a big guy playing volleyball to increase vertical leap and foot quickness?

What im thinking right now is playing basketball in the morning for a short and intense 40-45 mins session 3-4 times a week to work on some individual skills. Play volleyball and lift some weights, im thinking possible lifting weights during the season and all that jumping from volleyball should sky-rocket my vertical leap since my weaknesses is my limit strength.

Im thinking lifting 3-4 times a week and just keeping it really simples, deadlifts, squats, lunges, chin, pull-ups, dips, and rows. Im hoping that during the volleyball season maybe i can add 8-10 lbs of solid muscle mass to my currently 215lbs frame, and maybe gain 4-5 inches to my vertical leap(24 inches currently (wingspan is 8’8" high)

Do you guys have any advice or thoughts or reccomendations thanks.