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Updated Test/Var Cycle


Okay guys after much deliberation I am adding test to my cycle as it seems to be the best way to go. It will not be a long run but enough to get me an edge. Tell me what you guys think.

Weeks 5-10 Test Prop 100mg/eod
Weeks 1-8 Var 40mg ed
Weeks 9-10 Var 60mg

Weeks 5-10 Aromasin 12.5mg eod

Nolva PCT 40/40/20/20

How does that look guys any suggestions or tweaks based on experience. This is to give me an edge for MMA as stated in other thread. Hoping to go from 175 to solid 185.

*Edited for prop cycle, is what I am currently started on.


You should just do 500mg/week for 10 weeks. You aren't going to start seeing any strength or size gains until week 4-5. Plus, with what you have laid out, you are going to have to buy 2 vials either way. Might as well use it all up and do 10 weeks @ 500mg. If you're set on only 8 weeks you should use Test Prop. I also don't see any reason for the "taper off".

A better cycle imo would be

1-10 Test E 500mg/week.
3-10 Var 40mg ED
11-12 Var 60mg ED
13-16 Nolva 40/40/20/20

That would let you use up all of your test and then bridge to PCT with the higher dose of Var.


I keep catching myself pushing higher and higher which is starting to concern me. Do you think doing the 10 weeks cycle with var and maybe the last 4 weeks with 100mg test prop eod would be alright. I am looking for 10lbs 15lbs tops. Mostly want the strength gains. Being as nervous as I am about this the prop would at least allow me to pull the plug if I have any sides. Thoughts?


Weeks 1-8 40mg var ed
Weeks 9-10 60mg var ed
Weeks 7-10 100mg Test Prop eod (I can do a little more if my comfort goes up)
Weeks 7-10 Arimidex .5mg eod

Same PCT.

The big thing is I can't have this be something really noticeable as far as gains. It could get me fired and blacklisted on my career, I can hide 10-15lbs for a while. If people ask questions and they decide to test it would be nice to have stuff that won't show up after 2-3 weeks. What do you think, 10 solid lbs should be doable with this. I will just have to man up about the needles, the reason I did enth was for my needle phobia but I have too much to risk using a long estered test. I also would like to be able to pull the plug if I have to.


It's going to depend ENTIRELY on your diet man. It's not like just because you're on AAS your body is going to start building muscle out of thin air. Many people use Test/Anavar as a cutting cycle. You could lose weight if you wanted, depending on diet.

4 weeks of test prop 100mg EOD isn't going to do shit, waste of money.

TBH, I think var only is OK for your goals. Many people here are going to shit on an oral only cycle, but that's because that opinion comes from AAS use in the context of bodybuilding.

If it was me and my livelihood was on the line, I'd want something that could be in and out of my system fast.


That's kind of where I am at. The amount I am getting will allow me to do it for the last six weeks which should get me where I want to be. I will just eat up and if it gets too crazy I will back off the calories. Just wanna be able to pull the plug. I wanna do the first few weeks with the var see how my body reacts. No sides, then add test, that way if I get some sides I know what to taper or pull off completely. It is my first go around so I am doing my best to do it right. Probably will look back on these threads and laugh a few months down the road, but the peace of mind right now is worth it. I don't see why I can't get a solid 185 and hold it. With the var and 6 weeks of test p.


Alright guys pulling the trigger here in a couple days after I get my bloodwork done. I will post up results before and after. Final things.

I have got myself some Milk Thistle and Liv-52 (Well the himalayan products Livercare, same product). Doing 500mg of the milk thistle and 2 caps of the Liv-52 each day. Will that be sufficient to keep my liver going on the var? I also am on HOT-ROX and will be for the first 2 weeks as I have been dropping weight. Will this be okay or could I have any adverse reactions with the var while on HOT-ROX?

Also thinking of switching out the arimidex for aromasin @ 12.5mg eod, what are your guys thoughts on this? Should be better for the lowering lipid profile from the var than adex, and is a type I AI. I have tried my best to research this just really want to have all my ducks and supplies in a row before I go. Should I start immediately on the aromasin when I start the test prop or wait, I will have letro on hand as well in case of any sides.

Thanks so much for all the help guys, I will make sure to keep detailed logs so this info can benefit others in the future and make sure your guys time hasn't been wasted.


Milk Thistle and Liv-52 are not needed with anavar. This I know.

What I am not sure if true or not is that I read it actually lowered the effectivness of the orals...


Oh really? I beg to differ mate.


Interesting I have seen that before, but not very common. Most people say it's good practice and the stuff is cheap as hell for what they say it does. Keep me in the loop on your cycle man, I will keep you updated as well. I will have to get used to pinning myself that's for sure.

Any feedback on the HOT-ROX and aromasin vs. arimidex questions?


It seems to be the case that many people are liking anavar at high dosages these days. If I were you, I'd run 100mg/day for as long as you can, 5-6 weeks or so?

If you're going to run prop, run it for 6 weeks and pin ED. 70mg/day would be 490mg/wk plus 700mg/wk of the anavar. You'd see good gains with that cycle. (PCT and AI use, as well, obviously.)

If you're going to use test E, so you've got the convenience of pinning only twice a week, run it for 8 weeks and frontload it. Do something like this

1-8 test E 500mg/wk (750 on the first shot)
6-10 anavar 100mg/day
11-14 SERM PCT

Good luck


Been on the var 4 days now, got the test prop on the way, along with liquid exemestane (aromasin). Gonna be using that for the last six weeks. I am feeling normal, although rushes of confidence or whatever you want to call it are setting in. (I think it's placebo effect so far) Haven't noticed much in the way of pump, although feel like I got more left in the tank which could just be in my head. I thought var was supposed to take my libido down, I am welcomed by my morning glory, and you could hang a wet towel off the fucker. Will keep you guys updated.


Blood work is in from pre cycle. Sitting at 530ng/dl. This was around 1PM though, wish they would have given me a heads up about doing it early in the morning. I will get some more detailed panels after cycle.