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Updated: Test Results Recieved, Starting TRT Protocol

Added 3month test results. Since results I have increased test cyp to 150mg. Continued with .25 arimidex EOD. I also dropped the ball on the iodine thing but last night I checked temp before bed- 97.1degrees. This morning it was 96.8degrees. Starting Iodine on Tuesday. Seems like the Test is working great for me based on how I feel. The added benefit of hitting insane lifting numbers is nice too.

Estradiol down from 33 to 23.
Test Total up from 308 to 609.
Hemoglobin still 15.8
Hemocrit up from 45.8 to 46.2
These were the only updated tests performed.

So just got some test results back and my doctor suggested beginning TRT, which I accepted.

Current prescription:
100mg test cyp injections weekly
1mg arimidex every other day
Supplement B-12 daily
Donate blood 2/year as my hemoglobin is on the higher side
He wants me to follow this for 3 months and then come back in for testing.
*I also take EC stack 3x/day to aid in my fat loss goals- not doctor prescribed but he knows.

30yrs old Male
Endomorph/mesomorph body type
Currently very overweight 249lbs, self guess 30%+bf- need to lose about 55lbs of fat.
Still very “muscular and strong”- I still lift regularly and have decent 1RM for being obese.
365 bench, 495 squat, 585 DL
This year I have starting eating clean again (meal prep, macros, the whole 9 yards) and have lost about 15lbs so far. I plan on continuing this for a while until I can at least get back down to my desired weight.
Experience many of the symptoms of low T- depression was the major one- hence the large weight gain.

Lab results:
SHBG…16…0-50 nmol/L
Albumin…4.3…3.6-5.1 g/dL
Estradiol…33…<39 pg/mL
Test Total…308…250-1100 ng/dL
Calculated Free Test…8.63
B12…240…200-1100 pg/mL
Prolactin…9.8…2-18 ng/mL
FSH…7.7…1.6-8 mIU/mL
LH…6.6…1.5-99.3 mIU/mL
Hemoblobin A1C…4.9…<5.7%
THS w/ Reflex to FT…2.3…4-4.5 mIU/L

Just any general thoughts as this is completely new to me- looking for validation I guess of the current prescription?
Should I be taking anything else? Should I be asking for anything else to optimize my workouts/fat loss?
I do not want to get any “bigger” as I am already a pretty large guy (even when at low BF), but I would like to take advantage of the benefits of being on test legally and if I can take anything else that would aid in this I would be open to it (ie- getting leaner).

edit- added additional lab tests

1mg arimidex eod. Bad. Sign of bad dr. Most is total of 1mg per 100 mg t
Some even wait for labs to confirm high estrogen before they start. You do not want to crash your e2. Bad.

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Fire you clueless idiot doctor as you will crash your E2 levels at these crazy AI dosages.

You should be injecting smaller doses more frequently do to your low SHBG, inject 50mg twice weekly and take .25mg AI at time of injection and run labs 6 weeks later. Get E2 between 20-30 pg/ml to get good erections and libido.

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Interesting- I already took the first dose 1mg arimidex yesterday but will stop that going forward- and bring it up when I go in Monday.

If you had taken the AI a second time you would experience a new kind of hell! The problem is doctors have no guidelines to tell them how much testosterone, how often to inject and there’s nothing regarding AI doses. It’s all made up, in other words take this much and lets see what happens.

This doctor lacks experience and you’re the guinea pig. He/she is just a legalized drug dealer with a prescription pad.

Is there anything else I should be bringing up or looking at with those numbers? I know the stickies are big on iodine so I will start making a point of getting enough of that…

Splitting the shots to 2/week is really more effective? This is new to me and I was already apprehensive about the idea of shots 1/week.

When you start to feel bad the last half of the week, you’ll see it our way. This is the way it always plays out, you might even need injections EOD or even ED do to your low SHBG. TRT will lower your already low SHBG, smaller more frequent injections will minimize the impact on SHBG levels.

You will be excreting the majority of your testosterone into your urine, more frequent injections will keep your levels stable enough to minimize the lost testosterone. You still might struggle with TRT, many low SHBG guys do take a long time to feel good and some feel as if their injecting water.

SHBG activates testosterone at the receptors, lower SHBG means less testosterone interacts with your receptors. Think of SHBG as worker bees pollinating the flowers.