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Updated Pics - One Month Later

Last posted 11/18
Comment pissed me off
So i went after it.
Some progress


You are… an absolute unit sir

Extremely jelly of you’re tricep insertions

Constructive criticism would be… back (both width and thickness), and legs

Yeah back is a lot of real estate at 6’4”
And I had knee surgery in February so that’s a fight too.
But lots of following articles on here and shits coming together.


Sorry if my comment pissed you off, I was impressed then and impressed now. Your progress is awesome, your shoulders look bigger, you’ve lost a ton of bodyfat. You could give your legs an extra boost in size by training the adductors- would give thigh thickness without causing knee discomfort.
But yeah, you look awesome, hope I didn’t offend you, was just giving some constructive criticism purely from a BBing and aesthetic standpoint.

I’m 6’4ish as well, lotta back to be built, I feel you there. Wish I had those traps too…

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I like the spot where your hamstrings should be.

I also like the rest of your body. No homo

Lemme clarity.
I train pissed. So it was awesome to have someone, not family or a yes man give an opinion.
I take that shit and make it tacklin fuel.

Fucked up thing, hamstrings strong as hell. Just can’t see them with the naked eye…

More tacklin fuel


Amazing arms, delts and traps. Now go for back, legs and glutes and you’ll be the total package!