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Updated Pic


Just had some random pics taken when foolin around and was pretty proud of my mass gains.. 22 years old 6'3 312.


what the fuck is this shit


I think it would have taken about .82745 seconds to put on some shorts for that pic, but time is money I guess.


I want to say "looks good" but I think that might come across as gay.


HAhahah how fucking pathetic you guys are... DO you even know what sport this site is dedicated too ?? a sport where mostly men pose on stage in thongs.. which show the same amount as my picture does.. grow the fuck up. FUcking jokes. Sorry you are little kids.

I think its extremely funny you scan through pictures of men and follow this sport but make stupid little comments and get bent out of shape over my picture which shows no more than a bodybuilder on stage.

Btw other pics did not link but fuck it ill keep em as i see this site has become a joke full of loses like you guys.


Btw someone tell me how to delete my post and picture.

again sorry i posted a picture of my physique on what i thought was a true bodybuilding site. I thought there would be some mature people here who actually think that bodybuilding is a art and understand that it includes every part of my body, you make it sound like a took a picture of my cock or something..

lol i cant get over it..

Tell me how to delete my post and ill get off this site

Sorry again



First rate comedy boys. Well done.


hahahaha, wow this thread is super ghey.