Updated Physique, What Now?

Ladies and Germs,

I’m presently 32, finished 1 year of TRT in July. Strength appears to be the same as it was when on it, despite being significantly lighter. I was about 210-215, and this am I weighed in at 186.

Thinking I need to keep cutting for roughly another month, and then put on the (good/clean/healthy) size again? Don’t wanna lose the boarderline 6-pack I’m not far from though. I’m a big mirror guy at this stage, so see the pics and let me know what y’all think.

Also, I’ve put a link below to my previous physique a year or so ago, for comparison.


What does this mean? TRT is for life.

Not sure what you mean here either.

I agree here. Nice work on dropping 25lbs. You’ve still got a little pooch and some chest fat to shred and you’ll be golden.


The TRT comment meant I did it from like July-July, have been in PCT since. The mirror guy comment meant I’m not a bodybuilder etc, just trying to look good more than anything else.

How much more Weight you think I need to lose to get to the look we’re look’n for?

Do you know what trt is? There is no such thing as pct with trt. Were you on a cycle maybe?
What did you take? How much and how often?

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Yes, a cycle is exactly what I meant.

.5 ML of Testosterone Cyponite injections 2x per week (200mg per ml) from July 19-July 20

Why? so you took exogenous testosterone, just enough to take you to slightly more than average, for a year, risking shutting down your natural production completely? Why? I don’t understand the rationale here. Thats a year cycle that probably made zero difference to keeping your natural levels.


This is pretty dumb TBH, if you went on TRT because you had low levels, why stop?

To be honest, you have very little muscle and still carry a bunch of fat, and now are most likely shut down completely so i expect your struggle to get even harder.


What exactly are you doing in the gym? What does your actual nutrition looks like?

Clear my confusion up? Did you go on TRT because you had symptoms and tested low?


He didn’t go on TRT, he did a year long cycle - this is actually some of the wildest stuff I’ve seen in a long time. Dude shut himself down for an entire year, lost 30 pounds, gained no strength. The last two parts of that sentence are 100% achievable in 6 months with no steroids.



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You cant make this shit up if you tried.

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