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Updated PCT Protocol?


Heya guys,

Planning a cutting cycle, this will be my third cycle (last was nearly 3 years ago), so just wanted to check in and make sure that PCT protocol etc has not changed in that time. If anyone has any advice/criticism/suggestions I would massively appreciate it.

Week 1->12 - Test Cyp at 250mg - Monday & Thursday
Week 2->13.5 - HCG at 300iu - Friday & Tuesday

PCT (starting 2 weeks after last Test Cyp pin):

Week 14->18 - Clomid at 50mg - 2x per day, morning & night
Week 14->16 - Nolva at 40mg - 1x per day
Week 17->20 - Nolva at 20mg - 1x per day

As it's a cut, thinking of running an AI alongside, however I've never experienced any sides other than water retention so not sure if this is necessary?