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updated Mag-10 'on-off' cycling

I’m wondering previous users have found that the 2 weeks on 2 off original protocol is the most efficient you’ve found.
From an overeating standpoint it makes sense as you can zig-zag calories a la the ABCDE diet. But is it the most efficient use of this anabolic in a 12 week period… from you previous users> Money is no object for me, by the way. Thanks standpoint?

the 2 on 4 off was given so endogenous testosterone supression would be at an absolute minimum. For maximal gains though, 8 full weeks of double dosing gives the best results by far. The only problem is by then your T levels will be supressed, so you’ll have to do post cycle therapy. Maybe this new Red Kat will be helpful in this aspect?

Macaija is right on.

You can get even better results from longer cycles however endogenous T is suppressed further. I usually do 4 or even 6 wk cycles. A basic rule of thumb is the longer the cycle the longer the “off” period should be and the more important “post cycle supps” like M, Tribex, and possibly now RedKat become.

You should try a 4 wk. cycle, then a 6, etc. to really enjoy progressive gains, and I always keep full dosage twice a day throughout the cycle. Can get expensive though.

Also, Methoxy is an awesome post workout supplement, it will basically “lock in” your gains and harden your physique back up.

Make sure to maintane calories/protein post workout also to solidify gains.

A dream cycle…

6 weeks Mag10 full dose, ZMA
3-4 weeks M, Tribex, Methoxy, ZMA

and repeat.