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Updated Labs


Hey all, had labs done on 9/15 which finally gave me an idea of what my body was doing with the testosterone ive been injecting. I discussed with other members in previous threads about why my total T was not increasing regardless of being on a high dose and hypermetabolization.

I requested to have my blood drawn the day after injection of 200 mg dual test(enanthate/cyp) which yielded a total test of 1328.00. The blood was drawn approx. 32 hours after injection. Now in my previous bloodwork I had injected 200 mg on Monday morning and had labs on Thursday which yielded a total T of 215 ng/dl. I have yet to talk to my provider but she is very lenient and is open to my suggestions, how often should I request my injections to be spaced out? EOD? Would Mon/Wed/Fri injections be okay?

Also, I have been supplementing with 25 mg DHEA daily. Originally my DHEA-S was low at 133 mcg/dL (reference range 211-492 mcg/dL). My current DHEA-S is 254 mcg/dL. Should I maintain 25 mg daily or increase to 50 mg/day to get to optimal levels?

Another issue I am running into is my Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy was 28.8 with reference ranges of 30.0-80.0 ng/mL. I feel this may be contributing to fatigue/muscle weakness that I experience frequently. What is a good dose to supplement with? From what I have read Vitamin D3 should be taken and NOT D2??



5,000 iu vit-D3 in tiny oil based caps, can be inexpensive

More DHEA could be too high, sometimes pushes up E2.

If you are a hyper metabolizer of T, inject EOD

You need to be self injecting. Then you should feel empowered to take your weekly Rx as you see fit. For frequent injections, you should be using the insulin syringes that I suggest and SC injections are smoother release than IM.

When you get settled into EOD, do these labs:

  • which then become meaningful