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Updated labs. I feel like garbage

So i posted some of my labs in a hurry the other day. Here are mylatest.
39 years old
210 pounds
Week 4 of test cyp 200mg per week
B6 inj 2x per week

Constant weight gain
Numb hands/feet/nose/head
No motivation

I take adderall 20mg for adhd
Recently started bromcriptine for micro
Test 212
Dhea 212
Vit D 34
Homocysteine 10.3
Cortisol 22.7
T3 free 3.7
Tsh 2.22
Free t 4 1.63
Estradiol 14.1
Progesterone .50
Prolactin 35.28
Psa .475
Glucose 103
B12 656
A1c 5.3

I feel like absolute dog crap. Any help??

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