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Updated Labs, Beyond Confused at This Point


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33 years old

My total test increased to a great 653 over 100 jump from last time (range 30-1080 ng/dl)
calc free testosterone 14.9 (range 4.8-25.7 ng/dl)
sbgh 31 (range 16.5-55.9 nmol/l)
Estradiol 32 (asked for senstive dont know if it is? range <=63)
FSH 4.4 miu/ml (range 1.3-11.4)
LH 4.1 miu/ml (Range 1.2-7.8)
T4 6.0 ug/dl (range 4.4-12.4)
TSH 1.4 UIU/ml (range 0.5-4.7)
Free t3 3.7 pg/ml (range 2.3-4.2)
They failed on my DHT test so they called me randomly in the morning so dont know if this could have increased my DHT results. Was my birthday, ex girl came and gave me head to climax like an hour or 2 before they redrew blood. so DHT results are below from a different day after climax

DHT 355 pg/ml (range 112-955)
any suggestions? I have all the feelings of low t, cant get hard and maintain it, memory fog, etc. I truly had believed my symptoms came from low DHT since the anavar (DHT steroid) only cycle from many years ago. Am baffled dont know what to look into at this point. Am at the point of running TRT under my own care for 3 months to see if I feel normal like that, stopping if symptoms are still there of course.

Here are my labs from the previous year missing important tests but for reference sakes.

Here is my results Expected
FSH +LH profile 5.5 MIU/ML 1.3-11.4
Luteinizing Hormone 6.1 MIU/ML 1.2-7.8
Hemoglobin 5.3% 4.0-5.6
Prolactin 5.0 NG/ML 3.0-30.0
Testosterone 552 NG/DL 292-1052
TSH 1.6 UIU/ML 0.5-4.7
Estradiol 20.2 pg/ML 10-42
Estrone 18.1 pg/ML 9-36
Total Estrogens 38.3 pg/ML 19-69
PSA 0.6 <4.0
free psa 0.30
% free psa 50
Lipid Panal
Cholesterol 190 MG/DL <200
Triglycerides 55 MG/DL <150
HDL Cholosterol 77 MG/DL >39
Calculatd LDL Chol 102 MG/DL <100
Risk Ratio LDL/HDL 1.32 Ratio <3.55

Plus symptoms

  1. My balls for the first few years shrunk and fluctuate during the day to different sizes (still smaller then what they once were). When I ejaculate my balls literally disappear for a few minutes. Also if I have to do the restroom (#2) my balls will shrivel away until after I have gone to the restroom.

  2. No morning wood, I rarely have morning wood, I may have it once every 2 to 3 months, obviously when I was younger had nearly everyday.

  3. Weak erections that cant be maintained, poor orgasms, and lack of drive. When I ejaculate my erection litterer will be gone during orgasm

  4. Very emotional! I feel like a women on PMS, I cry at movies, tv shows, etc, get moody over the littlest things.

  5. Memory Fog, I will say something then forget it a minute later, same for writing things, if I go somewhere I will forget why I even went at times.

  6. No facial or body hair (all though I assume this is just genetic)

  7. Lack of drive, dont care to do anything.


Also have been supplementing with creatine and boron to increase DHT before the lab was taken


fT3 is higher that mid-range.
Can you post your oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics explained thread?

T3 is well below midrange.
Do you always use iodized salt.

You sound like you are estrogen dominant. Lower E2 would be helpful.

How has stress defined your life? Every day stress and major stress events?