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Updated Bulking Diet?


This is my updated bulking diet, it looks pretty good to me, any of you guys have any suggestions?

Calories Protein/Carbs/Fats

Totals: 3850 300/400/115

Meal 1
1 cup oats, 2 scoops whey, 2 tsp fish oil, 1 tbsp flax oil
816 59/80/29

Meal 2
1 cup broccoli, 1 can tuna, 1.5 cups brown rice, 2 tbsp natural PB
680 50/76/19

Meal 3
1 can chili
540 32/68/14

Meal 4 (pre-workout meal)
1 chicken breast, 2 sweet potatoes, 2 tbsp natural PB
620 53/54/24

Meal 5 (post-workout meal)
1/4 cup dextrose, 1/4 cup maltodextrin, 2 scoops whey
526 48/81/1

Meal 6
2 cups cottage cheese, 1 cup broccoli, 2 tsp fish oil, 1 tbsp flax oil
600 55/26/28

Thanks for the help guys

Looks good man.

try it see what it does after two weeks abd adjust up, down, or stay the same from the resluts and goals.

I’m thinking you’re short on vegetables and fruits.

[quote]bikemike wrote:
I’m thinking you’re short on vegetables and fruits.[/quote]

Agreed, And I would move the fats from meal one to meal three with the chili. It isn’t a huge change, but the whole PC, PF thing would be a little better.

PC/PF thing?

Can you post some more info. Height, weight, goals, training etc… Can’t truly critique the diet unless I know what it is for.