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Updated Building A Bigger Yoke Questions


Im glad to see you going through your older programs and updating them and was pleased to get an email today about your updated Building A Bigger Yoke program that im going to run.

Im wondering if you wouldn’t mind answering a couple of questions please?

As per some of your older programs is it ok still to do alternate lifts after the main 531 work? Main Press/Sup Bench ect? im pretty sure this is ok as long as i dont mind doing an extra couple of warming up sets for the Sup work as its still keeping your principles. Ill be doing 5sPro with the AMRAP last set for the main work if that makes a difference.

Do consider the Snatch Grip high pull to work in place of the Power clean? ive not done the Power clean before and almost took a guys head off in the gym today so im going to practice with an empty bar for a while in the garage until i get comfortable. In the meantime i can load up the Snatch Grip high pull pretty well and not kill anyone.

Thanks Jim.


You can but I wouldn’t recommend it, do it myself or have anyone I coach do it. So take what you will from that.

Nope. Not even close. I don’t know how you could almost take someone else’s head off when doing a power clean but I highly, highly suggest expecting more from yourself and be an ass kicker.
Believe in what you are doing and who you are and do the right movements. And unless you are injured or a high level Olympic lifter, don’t do the high pull. There is no “end” so I’ve watched all these “I’m doin’ high pulls!” kind of people who either pull themselves down to meet the bar…“I pulled it to my chin!” or they think a high pull is done just below the belly button in an effort to impress themselves or others who don’t care.

If you don’t want to do the power clean, do the hang/power snatch. Don’t be a “high puller”. Ugh.


Where can i find this template


What’s your layout look like


google it for the version on his website
there’s also a version on t nation


did you end up running it


I never said I would run it (no)


no dramas just trying to get some idea how to lay it out with the assistance work


I think that came across wrong- meant no offence.


dont worry there was none taken