What’s up guys and gals. Just wanting to post up my latest measurments. First off I had a real bad stomack virus during the end of november beginning of december and lost alot of muscle weight, went from 178 lbs to 171 lbs.
Beginning measurments after illness on Dec 23 03, body fat 12% and weight 171 lbs. chest 35 7/8, bi’s 12 3/8 and quads 20 1/2.
Recent measurments taken today Feb 26 04, body fat 14% and weight 182. chest 37 3/8, bi’s 13 1/8 and quads 22 1/8.
I want to continue to bulk up and make it to 190lbs keeping body fat in a decent range.
Thanks for all the advice you guys at t-mag have given me and all the support.

Your fat:muscle gain ratio was about 1:1. In other words you put on 11 pounds, 5 of which is from fat. At this point(14-15%)your weight gain might start to happen at a less than ideal ratio so you will start to put on more fat than muscle. If you are trying to do this without AASs, it will be harder to keep the lean mass. What are your goals? Do you eventually want to get into single-digit BF%, if so then you don’t want your BF% to get too high when gaining weight(I’d say you are already at the upper range for this). If you are not interested in low bodyfat and will eventually be happy at 12%, then you have some room to play with when gaining.