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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted so I figure I’ll post an update. Found a good Doc. and got my T up in the 1000 to 1200 range. Then started getting my E2 under control, was a high as 70 at one point. Ordered some liquid Anastrozole and started at 10 drops E2D (1mg a week) dropped to 17 and test went to over 1500. Cut test from 200 a week to 150 and 5 drops E2D and went to 900 test and 7.5 E2. Currently doing 175 a week with no E2 and have a couple months till my next blood work. I use Test Cyp 200mg/ml and inject with insulin needles E2D, with the small dose and small needle I don’t mind every other day and I know my levels are steady LOL. Has anyone else had there E2 level come back under control of itself? I figured I would be using the AI for life. I have seen great results in body comp. since starting, last year I was 188 lbs and 28.6% bf and am now 188 lbs and 11.3% bf! I now need to work on my sex drive. I’t took a good jump when I started but died down and even with everything coming into range it hasn;t picked up. Anyone have any thoughts on what to do next to get it back up? No ED problems by the way just lack of desire. Thanks Guys

You gained 30+ pounds of muscle while losing 30+ pounds of fat in one year? You are superhuman!

LOL. Thanks but not superhuman. Yet :slight_smile: I hadn’t worked out in years before and I’ve become quite a gym rat now, hitting the gym hard 5 days a week. I just need that kind of motivation in my sex drive now.

recent pic. still trying to find an old one.

I lost fat and gained muscle when I stared TRT. My weight did not change. One can only estimate fat loss.

You need to post lab work!

For the BF est. they do a 3 site skin fold at our annual physicals, I doubt it’s 100% but they do it the same way every year so at least it’s consitant. Which labs did you want to see KSMan?

My eye is much more trained then calibers and you are not 11% BF more like 15-16%.

found an old pic