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  1. Bench 105kgx5
  2. 1.5 rep feet elevated ring pushup BWx14/5
  3. Chin 42.5kgx3, 35kgx3
  4. 2" rope chin BWx7+3+2
  5. Press 71kgx4, 60kgx5
  6. Curls 57kgx5, 50kgx7


  1. Deadlift 182.5kgx3 - had to stop due to groin pain
  2. 2" rope chin BWx10/4
  3. 1.5 rep feet elevated ring pushup BWx12/7


1A) 1.5 rep feet elevated ring pushup BWx12/12/5x30secs
1B) Dumbbell row 45kgx8/8/20x30secs (last set with slight cheat)
2A) Ring dips BWx7/5/4x30secs
2B) Chins BWx6/4/4
3) Handstand pushups BWx7/5/2
4) Hammer curl 15kgx10/10/10/10/10
5) Ab wheel rollout from standing 3x8


  1. Squat 150kgx5 - had to stop due to glute pain
  2. Chins BWx12/8
  3. 1.5 rep feet elevated ring pushup BWx12/8

Unable to squat or deadlift properly at the moment due to pain.

(1) Pain right at the top of the inside of my right leg (seems to be in the iliacus or pectineus) when lower deadlifts - worst when standing up after finishing a set.
(2) Pain at the top of my right glute (seems to be in the gluteus medius) when locking out squats

Likely causes:
(1) Poor glute activation, so small groin muscles trying to extend the hip
(2) Poor glute activation, tight piriformis
(3) Perhaps not using a belt anymore has shown up some weaknesses

Switch mobility drill to Defranco’s agile 8 - more groin and hamstring work
Actually do the mobility work every day
Save up for Cressey’s ‘Assess and Correct’

Any better ideas?

I’ve switched my nutrition to 16 hours fast + 8 hours feast, and I feel better as a result, with better concentration and energy at work. My weight is currently 190lb, though, so that’s a drop of a few pounds - I’ll make sure to get all my calories in and watch carefully for any more weight loss.